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  • Discrimination

    Protecting employees against illegal discrimination makes us happy. Such work can get complicated though: employers in general have the ability to hire or fire someone for any reason or no reason at all . . .

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  • Retaliation

    We absolutely enjoy protecting whistleblowers as they fulfill a vital function since they are frequently the only ones who witness and can oppose institutional wrongdoing . . .

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  • Unpaid Wages

    Employers who intentionally steal from their employees deserve to be sued; indeed, such theft is a crime. Both federal and state laws require employers to pay employees for all wages due and owing.

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  • Immigration

    Immigration is one the most complicated areas of law. However, getting through the immigration process successfully brings great joy for the immigrant and his or her family.

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Meet Our Attorneys

  • Hardeep S. Rekhi

    Hardeep S. Rekhi

    Hardeep Singh Rekhi is an owner and partner of Rekhi & Wolk, P.S. His practice focuses on immigration, individual employee rights as well as class action wage and hour litigation.

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  • Greg Wolk

    Greg Wolk

    Greg Wolk has practiced as a trial attorney protecting individual employee rights since 2002.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Mr.

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I hired Greg’s firm to counsel and represent me when I was being wrongfully terminated by a former employer. I really could not have asked for better attorneys for the situation. They helped me understand my legal rights, handled communication with the employer responsively and effectively, and helped bring the process to a fair conclusion. There is no way I could have handled this on my own.
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